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"Learn some new alternative ways to use beer"

There won't be many people who disagree with the fact that we all like to drink a bottle of beer now and then.
But there are things that we don't know about our beloved beverage yet..
Imagine this: during the weekends or after a hard day at work, you go the local pub with your friends to enjoy a cold bottle of beer.
Have you ever wondered while drinking a beer: Could i use this to make dinner?
Well, making dinner with beer might not seem something unusual to do, but I can guarantee you that there are a lot more unusual uses for beer!!

17 Surprising methods of using beer

Learn new ways to use beer:

  • for cleaning certain objects
  • for personal hygiene
  • in the kitchen
  • while gardening
  • ...

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Who would have actually thought that you can do all kinds of things with beer, apart from drinking it?
In "17 Surprising methods of using beer" you can take a look at a few of these alternative methods to use beer. (And there are a lot more that I didn't mention!)
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