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Earn money with promoting "Belgian Organic Beers"

"Belgian Organic Beers" and "17 Delicious Vegan Beer Recipes" are two e-books for the price of one. They are not sold separately but of course you can choose which one to promote/fits you the best.

Your benefits

  • Earn money: as soon as you join our affiliate program, you will get an unique link to track your site’s visitors. Anytime you refer a visitor to us and they buy our book, you get paid.
  • You get promotion material.
  • You get a 50% commission on every sale made. (this commission rate is taken out of the remainder left after ClickBank's payment processing charges have been assessed.)
  • You are guaranteed 60-day tracking cookies. This means that a customer can order 60 days after you've refered him or her to us, and you still get credit for the sale!
  • Your commissions are reported and distributed to the third-party affiliate network Clickbank, which ensures that you get paid for every commission you make.

How to start

1) register to our partner program

By registering we can send you tips for promoting our books.

2) Register to ClickBank.

We use ClickBank as affiliation third partner.  

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Or if you already have an account, you can just login.

3) Generate your own tracking HopLink.

It's personalized so ClickBank can see your referrals and sales.

Copy the Affiliate Hop Link below and Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank Affiliate ID (= your nickname): 


Or, if you want your own tracking code to find out what marketing campaign works best:

- click on promote

A window will open. Fill in your account Nickname and optional a tracking ID. ClickBank will automatically track and report results from any HopLinks you use. However, you may wish to perform some additional tracking of your own (your own tracking ID), so that you know which of your promotional efforts are working best for you. 

- click on create

Now you get a window with your own affiliatelink. Use it on textlinks or on banners.

Once a sale is made, ClickBank will distribute the profits between the Publisher (Book Owner) & the Affiliate (You) - in this case you are credited a whopping 50% per sale.

4) Start promoting


How to promote?

  • E-mail marketing: Send an email to your email list recommending "Belgian Organic Beers" and/or "17 Delicious Beer Recipes" by providing them with your affiliate link. Only send this to your optin list. Spamming is NOT allowed.
  • Writing a review: Write Reviews on your site about "Belgian Organic Beers" and/or "17 Delicious Beer Recipes" and let people know how much of a good quality the book is. Include your affiliate link at the end of the review, then post your review on social media.
  • Create an article on your blog about "Belgian organic beers" and/or "17 Delicious Beer Recipes".
  • Use social media
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You can contact us on info@belgiumorganicbeers.com